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How To Properly Care For Your Dentures

Lower Valley Dental Associates provides dentures in Brownsville, TX. Dr. Claudia Rodriguez, Dr. J. Patrick Pirtle, and Dr. M. Raquel Muniz love to see smiles restored with dentures! Dentures can be life-changing for patients experiencing tooth loss. They are a convenient and removable set of teeth made from ceramic crowns attached to a plastic tray. Dentures give you a beautiful smile and restore function to your mouth, but they are also a commitment to wear and care for. Keep reading about caring for your dentures, and come see us to replace your missing teeth!

Daily care

When you have dentures in Brownsville, TX, maintaining them with care makes them last and keeps your mouth healthy. Always handle your dentures carefully, because drops are the number one cause of cracks and breaks.

Brush the dentures every day with a denture brush or soft-bristled brush to remove any food and debris. This keeps plaque from building up and helps prevent staining. A denture cleanser is recommended, but you can also use mild dishwashing liquid to clean dentures. Hard bristle brushes and toothpaste are too abrasive to use on dentures so invest in the right tools to make yours last.

Soaking your dentures at night is also important for their longevity because a denture could lose its proper shape if it is not kept moist. Use a denture-soaking solution or water to soak the dentures, but if your dentures have metal clasps they should not be soaked overnight because it could damage the metal.


Even when you take great care of your dentures, you may need to see your dentist on occasion for an adjustment. As you age, your bone and gum ridges can recede and this will impact the fit of the dentures. Loose dentures can cause mouth sores and even infections, so see your dentist when you notice any issue with the fit. Well-maintained dentures can last for up to ten years!

Dr. Claudia Rodriguez, Dr. J. Patrick Pirtle, and Dr. M. Raquel Muniz are here to help if you have missing teeth. Dentures in Brownsville, TX, replace missing teeth to restore function to your mouth and give you your smile back! To make an appointment with Lower Valley Dental Associates, contact us at (956) 350-0059.

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