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Welcome to Lower Valley Dental Associates.

Our office provides specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a warm and caring environment. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Rodriguez's 2-3 years of additional training after dental school has prepared her for the unique dental needs of each child she serves. Dr. Pirtle's additional year of dental training in the field of Prosthodontics has prepared him for crowns, bridges, esthetics, and removable appliances. We focus on preventive care to help grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Our office serves children, teens, and children with special health care needs in Brownsville, TX.

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Going to the dentist is about more than having teeth cleaned or cavities filled. Our practice provides a secure, learning environment for all ages. We emphasize the importance of excellent oral health and how to achieve long lasting, happy smiles. Not only do we teach this to our patients, but we share the information with our parents. We believe that a partnership between our office and our parents and family will encourage our patients to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. We hope your visit to our dental home will be an inviting experience for both you and your family.

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A Google User

Awesome Check up! The staff was great and I loved the doctor. She was very sweet and talked a lot to my son to help him feel comfortable.

Samantha C.

Its an amazing place I love it.

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